Different Membership Options to Satisfy Everyone

Full Golf and Associate Golf memberships are available as well as a very competitively priced Junior Program for members under the age of 35.

Hershey’s Mill also has a very attractive House Membership that offers access to the dining room and bar areas. Between Holiday Events, Happy Hours, Trivia Nights and ala carte dining a House Membership offers an affordable and unique dining experience.

To have your membership questions answered or to schedule an appointment to see our facilities, please contact Scott Martin at (610) 436-8900 ext. 229 or by email at [email protected].


  • Husband, Wife, and children under 21
  • Full use of all Club facilities
  • Entitles one member full use of club facilities
  • Spouse, if any, has full use of the restaurant
  • Ages 21-35
  • Discounted dues and deferred intiation fees
  • Member has full use of club facilities
  • Entitles all members of household full use of club's dining facilities
  • Limited Golf Membership
  • Play twice a week

1. Do you have to live within the community to be a member?
No. You do not need to live in Hershey’s Mill to be a member of the Club. While the community is age restricted, the Club is not. Close to 50% of our members do not live in the community.

2. Is this an executive course?
No. It is a full length championship golf course.

3. As a member how do I gain access to the Community?
Members are given the opportunity to purchase gate devices that allow entry via our 4 Security Gates.

4. Are there any other amenities available to members such as a pool or tennis courts?
No. The Club offers golf and dining. The Community has a pool and tennis courts but they are reserved for residents only.

5. Do residents pay the same fees as non-residents?
Yes. There is not a separate or increased fee structure for non-residents.

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